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03.16.04 (9:55 pm)   [edit]
I've moved [url=]HERE[/url] !

Please update your links. Thanks!

I've never felt this way before...
02.24.04 (10:03 pm)   [edit]
It's felting!!!

I am so excited. I think it looks even better felted. *stares at watch and waits another 5 minutes*


pre-felty goodness
02.24.04 (8:49 pm)   [edit]
I am now working on the I-cord handle. I may felt tonight. Depends how nervy I'm feeling. I am quite pleased with my little bag. Actually, right now it's not so little at all.



The cat and the book.
02.23.04 (10:24 am)   [edit]

This is Annabelle helping me by sitting on my copy of The Purl Stitch. This is actually cool, because it means she's sitting on my lap, which she never used to do.

What I accomplished yesterday.
02.23.04 (9:57 am)   [edit]

I can see the pattern better in the photo than I can in person. Is that normal? The only problem with the Naturewool are the slight variations in color throughout the skein. The pattern is not as uniform, but I like it anyway.

Here's a closer look at the pattern. You can see the color variations better here.


Knitting with two colors and new blog links.
02.22.04 (8:45 pm)   [edit]
I'm not sure I would want to do this all the time, however I am having a great deal of fun with my (to-be) felted bag with the newly added star motif.

I am just about to start row 12 of 25. I am a slow knitter, but I did go grocery shopping today. I also watched the SAG awards on TNT. Only six days left until the [url=]Oscars[/url]! I watch every year and am terribly excited that Billy Crystal is hosting again.

After watching [i]Pirates of the Caribbean[/i] for the second time, it is a toss up for me between Johnny Depp and Bill Murray, whose performance in [i]Lost in Translation[/i] I really loved. I had not realized just how melancholy that film is. I thought it was wonderful however, and there's knitting in it (however briefly).

If any of you are coming to the blog from comments I've made on your blogs, welcome! I'm a new knitter, but I'm trying to break away from scarves. Today's 2-color experiment is part of that. Reading all of the wonderful bloggers out there is helping push me out of the nest. I have been touched by the kind comments that some of you have made - especially [url=]Sharon[/url] and [url=]Ed[/url] .

Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can finish the pattern part tonight.

Felted Bag Changes
02.22.04 (7:12 am)   [edit]
I thought I would throw caution to the wind and do a 2-color pattern on the middle section of my (to-be) felted bag. I found a lovely star motif here and am on my second row of 25. It seems to be going really well thusfar. I'm using the large pattern (25x25) so there are 6 pattern repeats on the bag. It should be interesting, and I figured if I screwed it up, hey, I'm felting it right? Also it seemed to be the sort of pattern that would show up well once felted. The pattern will be the natural wool color and the background is purple. I'll take pictures later today hopefully.

knitblog recommendations?
02.21.04 (8:12 am)   [edit]
I'm looking for more knitblogs to read. Does anyone care to point me in the right direction? :)

Quiz Lemming part deux.
02.21.04 (8:06 am)   [edit]
You knew it was coming sometime, and I actually think this one is right! I do have moments of eyelash yarn though.

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Because you were all dying to know...
02.20.04 (7:21 pm)   [edit]
I had a bit of a sock-tastrophy today. I had to frog hubbysock. I've started again, however, and I'm determined not to let it get me down. Note the percent bar reads 2%. I think this is me being generous with myself.

Now that I have Cat Bordi's faboo book I hope to be slightly more successful.

Oh, and yeah. I'm a knit-lemming.interchangeable
You are interchangeable.
Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every
eventuality covered and every opportunity just
has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and
every day is a new beginning. You are good at
so many things, it's amazing, but you can
easily lose your place and forget to show up.
They have row counters for people like you!

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anyone have any ideas for a first sweater? Something big and cuddly and not too difficult?

Oh, and I changed my quiz results. I really am more interchangeable than plastic.

Me, but smaller.
02.16.04 (7:22 pm)   [edit]
Thanks to Sharon for the link that allowed me to make this:

and I made one of my hubby too:

Visit Sharon's blog for the link and much fabulousness, especially her post about the different kinds of yarn diets!

Thanks to Anna for the fab dynamic percent bars!
02.16.04 (10:00 am)   [edit]
Anna Knits :: Dynamic Percent Bar
Now you can see my works in progress. if you click on the names you can see pictures too!

I am currently teaching myself (with Print 127 by Filatura di Crosa) how to do the fab multi-directional scarf. I'm not entirely sure I'm not gonna start it again, so it's not in the WIP list...yet.

Going round in circles
02.15.04 (11:08 am)   [edit]
Today is the Daytona 500. I am going to watch and knit on hubby's sock.

Here is a picture of the progress thusfar modeled by the Knitlette's previously unmentioned mascot, Lambie.

I hope you all have a wonderful NASCAR Sunday. My driver, Mark Martin, is out of it (blown engine) so now I just get to watch for fun.